Camp Stove Reviews

Primus PrimeTech Stove Kit

Fuel sipper

Brand: Primus

Model: PrimeTech Stove Kit



2lbs. 12oz.

Our take If you want the speed and efficiency of an integrated stove and the versatility of a stable group cooker, the PrimeTech delivers. Equipped with a built-in windscreen and integrated heat exchanger on one of the included pots, the kit boils a liter of water in 3.5 minutes and up to 23 liters with one 8.1-ounce (medium) canister (both at room temperature).

Cooking for a crew? Pot supports flip up so you can use a frying
pan or a large pot (we used it with a 3-liter pot and it was perfectly stable). Downside: The wide stove base is bulky to pack.

Smart features include the lid’s integrated strainer, a lockable pot gripper (no more squeezing), and an insulated storage bag to keep meals warm.

You get two 1.3-liter pots, one ceramic-coated for frying bacon or cooking chili and one anodized aluminum (with heat exchanger) for boiling water or cooking pasta or soup. The stove and pots nest together. 

Trail cred A regulated burner provides consistent power output as the canister empties, improving performance in cold conditions. The piezo automatic lighter proved reliable even in freezing temps. “I paired it with Primus Winter Gas and was able to ditch the liquid-fuel stove on a winter camping trip with lows below 0°F in Canada’s Ghost River Wilderness,” says a tester.