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Primus Firestick

The lightest stove of 2021.




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Usually, a stove at this weight is as bare bones as it gets. Not the Firestick. Its unique design results in a feature-rich product that is still the lightest stove in the test. Three fins fold into a small cylinder—slightly smaller than a toilet paper tube—to encase the burner for storage. When released, the spring-loaded fins support pots up to 6 inches wide and double as a wind guard. Wind protection got mixed results: Some testers reported great performance, while
others extinguished the flame with the wave of a magazine. We clocked a full boil in just under two minutes for 2 cups of water in windless weather at 6,000 feet. The Firestick’s sensitive fuel nob gives precision temperature control, which we found ideal for simmering chili mac after a long day backpacking in Colorado’s Gore Range. Miss: The .4-ounce, non- integrated Piezo igniter is only slightly smaller than a standard lighter and much less useful. Bonus: The wool storage sleeve doubles as a potholder.