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ToughTested 16,000mAh Solar Power Bank With Flashlight

Weatherproof battery pack

Brand: ToughTested

Model: 16,000mAh Solar Power Bank With Flashlight



1lbs. 2oz.

Our take Gadget lovers, especially those who hike far, need a charger that lasts, and for that there may be no better option on the market than this small-but-mighty power bank. The size of an iPhone 7 Plus, this unit spits out 16,000 mAh—enough to fully charge a smartphone six times.

Features The rubberized unit is dust-, shock-, and waterproof, and durable enough to lash to the outside of your pack. “I never had to baby it on the trail,” our tester says. It can charge two devices at once via USB and uses a proprietary technology that recognizes exactly how much power each needs for maximum efficiency.

Trail cred “Even when I sapped all of the unit’s power during treks along the Front Range, I could use the integrated solar panel to trickle-charge my GoPro,” our tester says