Editors' Choice Snow 2017: Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide TIPON

Make room for new skins. But not much room.

Brand: Pomoca

Model: Climb Pro S-Glide TIPON

Things in your pack that are larger than a pair of folded Climb Pro S-Glide TIPON skins: a Nalgene, a bundled-up extra layer, half a hoagie. No matter how overstuffed our packs, we always found room for the S-Glides.“These skins pack small enough to fit inside my external hand pockets,” one tester says. “No more stuffing cold, wet skins inside my shell’s cocoon of warmth.”

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The trick behind the packability? No glue. The new TIPON technology uses a high-performance silicone (polysiloxane) instead. The felt-like fabric (70 percent mohair, 30 percent nylon) is impregnated with the silicone—rather than spread on top—making the S-Glides more compact and pliable than skins with glue. Bonus: Silicone’s tackiness isn’t affected by temperature or UV. So, not only can you machine-wash all the pine needles, dirt, and dog hair off, but superhero strength is not required when ripping the skins apart. On tours, testers praised the S-Glide’s happy medium between glide and grip. And despite the lack of glue, we never had one come unstuck. 

Comes in 100mm, 120mm, and 140mm sizes.

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