Pieps iProbe Avalanche Probe

Outsmart mother nature with Pieps iProbe, an avalanche probe with potential for faster rescue times.

When it comes to finding and rescuing a buried avalanche victim, even a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Give yourself a technological advantage with the iProbe, an electronic avalanche probe that senses a buried beacon. It alerts searchers when the tip is within about 10 feet of the buried transceiver, potentially speeding up recovery times dramatically (with other probes you know nothing until it touches a victim). The iProbe senses beacons of any manufacturer, and it allows you to temporarily deactivate Pieps beacons once they have been located and marked, a feature that helps avoid confusing signals in a multiple-burial situation. Our tester had great success locating buried transceivers in simulated rescues. The probe packs down to 18 inches and extends to 6.5 feet long, and carbon-fiber construction makes it ultralight, despite the electronics. Works down to -4°F and runs on one AA battery. $190; 12 oz.; libertymountain.com. Reader service #120

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