Peak Refuel Sweet Pork and Rice

Best dinner

Brand: Peak Refuel

Model: Sweet Pork and Rice

No one likes unidentifiable baby-food globs in their dehydrated meals, so we applaud the thick and hearty texture of this sweet-and-savory dish. One tester noted that she could easily—and happily—distinguish the rice, beans, corn, and meat from each other by both look and taste.

Ingredients A dash of spice comes courtesy of cinnamon and nutmeg, while green chili peppers and paprika make sure there’s a balance of heat in this southern barbecue feast. There’s also a respectable amount of per-serving protein (20 grams) and calories (370). Bonus:
“So much of the Pacific Crest Trail through California’s desert requires dry camping. This dinner requires only 10.5 ounces of water to make, which saved me a lot of hassle during the most arid stretches,” one tester says.

$13; 6.1 oz.; 2 servings per pack

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