Patagonia Torrentshell

Shell with the best value

Brand: Patagonia Gear Reviews

Model: Torrentshell




Solid protection in even the nastiest weather doesn’t always require a new line of credit, as the updated Torrentshell proves. It kept us dry during all-day drizzle in Washington’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness, dumping rain in Montana’s Pioneer Mountains, and vicious summit winds on Mt. St. Helens. Patagonia’s proprietary three-layer fabric keeps the price nice, and you get the eco cred of 100-percent recycled nylon and a partially bio-based PU membrane.The Torrentshell proved plenty durable against miles of bushwhacking and volcanic rock abrasion, thanks to 50-denier nylon. Tradeoff: middle-of-the pack breathability.

$149; 13.9 oz.; m’s XS-XXL, w’s XXS-XXL