Panther Vision Powercap 2.0 Beanie

Most convenient headlamp

Brand: Panther Vision

Model: Powercap 2.0 Beanie




In cold weather, this beanie with a slim, built-in light is great for conserving headlamp battery during chores around camp. When it came time to cook, set up tents, or take care of any other housekeeping, the Powercap 2.0 went from headwear to headlamp at the push of a button. “Most hats with built-in lighting feel cheap and don’t provide enough of a beam to be useful,” said our tester after taking it to Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument. “The Powercap let me see everything within about 50 feet without ever taking my headlamp out of my pack.” The single LED runs on two AAA batteries and put out 75 lumens on the highest of its 3 settings, enough for our tester to navigate a rocky riverbed while fetching water. The maximum 9-hour battery life was decent, though the LED started to noticeably dim towards the end. As for the beanie? “The polyester was soft and warm enough to keep me comfortable in mid-20s temps,” our tester says. Ding: no red light.

$30; 5 oz.