OZ OZsym

Edges that lock together stay together.

Brand: OZ

Model: OZsym

Shape The world’s first asymmetric splitboard, the OZsym has a deeper and shorter sidecut on the harder-to-initiate heelside edge, which brings the contact points closer together. “I had a lot of confidence snapping turns in tight couloirs,” our tester says. Ding: Even with mellow camber and a 20cm setback stance, it lacked float in just a few inches of powder. All sizes comes in both regular- and goofy-foot options.

Connection SplitLock technology puts opposing 22-degree bevels along the entire inside edges of the individual split skis to distribute the load along the whole board in ride mode. Testers noticed a more secure ride on toeside turns, but not as much on the heelside. 154, 157, 162, 165

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