Water Purifiers

Outside Gear Spotlight: GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier




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Here at Backpacker, we’re well-documented fans of hiking gear that’s simple and efficient. The Geopress is both: This superhandy water purifier is extremely easy to use and maintain, and it also doubles as a regular drinking vessel, negating the need to bring a separate bottle on the trail.

Most impressively, the Geopress is perhaps the easiest and fastest filter we’ve ever used. That’s right: no pumping, squeezing, or waiting. You simply fill the empty vessel with dirty water, then insert the central cylinder and push down using your body weight. Using vacuum pressure, this forces the water up through the filter, which removes viruses, bacteria and protozoa. The process takes about 8 seconds, and you’re left with 24 ounces of clean water to drink.

The Geopress is armored in thick, grippy TPE and silicone that keep the filter protected and aids in getting a handle on the vessel as you filter. It’s more durable than most filters, making the Geopress a smart pick for adventure travel. And, in another nod to its efficient design, you can just drink straight from the bottle.

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