Outdoor Research Kids’ Seattle Sombrero

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Brand: Outdoor Research

Model: Kids’ Seattle Sombrero




In 2005 we gave the adult-size Seattle Sombrero an Editors’ Choice Award for its durability and steadfast ability to keep our heads dry. The kid-sized version offers the same protection (only cuter): This hat is fully waterproof, with taped seams and a PU-coated brim. The foam brim is flexible enough to compress down in a pack but regains its shape to keep the elements off your little’s face. “On a backpacking trip along Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park the weather would change from sun to rain and back every 15 minutes, and my son’s hood wasn’t enough to keep the drizzle out of his eyes,” one parent reports. “We crushed the hat into the side pocket of his pack and pulled it back out for every cloudburst.” Even on days with winds around 20 mph, we found that the Seattle Sombrero stayed in place with the chin strap cinched down. For sunnier weather, the brim is longer at the front and back for face and neck protection, and the hat has hook-and-loop tabs on the sides for when full coverage isn’t needed. (It’s size-adjustable, too.) Note: It’s fleece-lined, so too hot to wear on a scorcher. $39; 3.2 oz. (M/L); XS-L