Ombraz Sunglasses

The best parts about these new-school shades are what they don't have.

Brand: Ombraz

Model: Sunglasses

OK, let’s get one thing out of the way: These shades look funky. We don’t deny it. But get past the fact that they lack temples and you just might realize you prefer them that way. Ombraz eliminates sidearms, attaching the frame directly to a woven-polyester cord that you cinch around your head. It makes them more comfortable and durable than “normal” sunglasses: Without temples, they never pinched or caused pressure points on any of our testers, even when worn under a helmet or beanie. And without hinges and screws, there are no moving pieces.

We were skeptical that they’d stay put, but consider us believers: With a slight tighten, Ombraz are secure enough for trail running. (Bonus: When not in use, the cord acts as a sunglasses retainer.) They do lack some of the glare protection that sidearms provide, but we felt that was a fair sacrifice for the unmatched comfort. Beyond the cord, Ombraz has what you’d want in “normal” sunglasses—including high-contrast, polarized lenses by Zeiss—but we’re thinking this may be the new normal.