Nike Tailwind

Trail runner’s pick

Brand: Nike

Model: Tailwind

Our take Even our sweatiest testers couldn’t fog these Nike sunnies up. And it’s no wonder: They’re peppered with vents (two per temple and two in the nosepad). The polarized lenses themselves are semi-detached, meaning that there is space between the lens and the frame on each side. These slits (big enough to slide a fingernail beneath) allow air to circulate around the lens, keeping it fog-free. Same goes with the nosepad: It’s designed such that the frame and bottoms of the lenses float off your face, above your nose, so air can flow below. Bonus: There is a version for small faces, too, called the Tailwind Swift.

Trail cred “The more I sweated, the more the temples seemed to grip,” says an editor who wore the Tailwinds on trail runs in Boulder and on Bikram-like spring ski tours in Rocky Mountain National Park. “They’re smooth to the touch, but they get tacky when wet. A nice touch.”

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