Nike Khyber

These goggles fit seamlessly with all helmets.

Brand: Nike

Model: Khyber

Fit When goggle frames are even slightly too big, they put pressure on the bridge of your nose. That can’t happen with the Nike Khyber—no matter what size your face is. Why? The outriggers—pieces of plastic that extend out from the frame—articulate, so you can adjust the fit. We clicked the outriggers closer in toward our faces or popped them out a touch so that they sat flush against our helmets. When our brain buckets rested on the outriggers, it kept pressure off the inner face foam, so the Khybers didn’t slide down our noses.

Lens changing Totally intuitive: Pull the frame back from the top of the lens, then pop the lens out from behind the outriggers (but keep the microfiber cloth nearby). Each pair of Khybers comes with two lenses (we liked the bright crimson and yellow red ion combo, pictured).

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