2-Season Sleeping Bag Reviews

NEMO Equipment Moonwalk Sleeping Bag

Go tent-less with this warm-weather sleeping bag’s waterproof bottom and footbox.

Brand: NEMO Equipment

Model: Moonwalk Sleeping Bag



2lbs. 2oz.

Weather resistance

With tents, a “bathtub” floor extends waterproof fabric above ground level—a no-brainer for camping in wet conditions. Now NEMO applies that same design to the base of this bag. The 20-denier waterproof nylon shell covers the entire bottom of the sack. The waterproof footbox is protected with the same material as the bottom, but stops there to save on weight and cost. “I slept under a tarp in the Adirondacks and rain constantly dripped on the foot of my bag. Fortunately, it ran right off so my feet didn’t ice over in the near-freezing temps,” our tester says. Bonus: The waterproof shell, combined with the integrated sleeve for pads up to 25 inches wide, makes the bag more durable and protects your mattress.


The 700-fill, water-resistant duck down kept one warm-sleeping tester comfortable down to the mid-20s. Caveat: While the hoodless design saves weight, some testers wanted the extra warmth in chilly temps. Pull the drawstring collar tight and wear a beanie in temps under 40°F.