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NEMO Forte 35

Best value for a sleeping bag

Brand: NEMO

Model: Forte 35



2lbs. 2oz.

Our Take With its combination of relaxed shape, low price point, recycled synthetic fill, and overachieving performance, this bag is a steal for campers who aren’t sure if traditional, down mummy bags are right for them. The Forte’s hourglass silhouette measures 64 inches around at the shoulder, 59 inches at the hip, and 62 inches at the knees—looser at every point than a standard mummy. We were comfy under the stars outside Moab at 40°F, but cold sleepers will want to add a pair of thick socks or down booties when temps dip into the thirties, since there’s so much air to heat up in the footbox. The shape drew high marks from our broad-shouldered testers and side sleepers (one tester even shared the space with her infant). Bonus: There’s a women’s long version, which a 6’0” female tester said was notably more comfortable and warmer than the unisex bags she normally uses.

The Details The design uses the pair of 22-inch zippers on top as vents, though testers said they would have ditched one to bring the weight down a bit. Luxe love: Testers complimented the Forte’s 20-denier nylon taffeta liner, which feels softer than standard nylon, a muff that tucks under the chin to seal in extra warmth, and the integrated pillow pocket. Packed, it’s the same size as the Big Agnes Torchlight (left).

$160; 2 lbs. 2 oz.; 35°F; m’s regular and long, w’s regular and long