3-Season Sleeping Bags Reviews

NEMO Forte

Roomiest 3-season sleeping bag

Brand: NEMO

Model: Forte



2lbs. 14oz.

Warmth: 4.7

In the shadow of Colorado’s 14,433-foot Mt. Elbert, the second-tallest mountain in the Lower 48, we slept soundly during two back-to-back 29°F nights while curled up in this synthetic bag, even without a tent. Smart design choices (detailed below) also work to conserve as much heat as possible.

Comfort: 4.8

With extra-wide shoulder, hip, and knee girths (for men: 64, 59, and 62 inches, respectively; for women: 62, 58, and 60 inches), this bag’s spoon shape is the perfect match for sidesleepers. Whatever position we slept in—fetal, sprawled on our stomachs, starfish, you name it—the Forte never felt claustrophobic. If you have a wide frame or like to flail in your sleep, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better fit.

Features: 4.5

Two zippers run about 2 feet along the core and, when unzipped, partially expose the bag’s inner lining and release some heat. It’s a simple-yet-effective tool, though the tiny zipper heads were a little tough to find in the middle of the night. Although the Forte’s hood is larger than average, it cinches down easily and works well with the external blanket fold that sits underneath the chin. You can also tuck it in to fully seal off the face opening. This, coupled with the internal draft collar, full-length draft tube, and ripstop polyester shell, ensured that even with moderate winds we didn’t feel leaky cold spots.

Packability: 3.4

This bag compresses down to the size of a six-pack of toilet paper rolls, less than ideal for long trips but doable for an overnight with smart packing.

Overall: 4.4

$200; 2 lbs. 14 oz.; 22°F; men’s, women’s; regular, long