NEMO Equipment Tensor Sleeping Pad

This 3-inch-thick pad weighs only 13 ounces and packs nearly as small as a soda can.

Brand: NEMO Equipment

Model: Tensor Sleeping Pad


The technical term for this pad’s main innovation? Spaceframe baffles—appropriate given the brand’s founder came from NASA. The polyester baffling material acts like pillars between the top and bottom of the pad, adding stability and creating more uniform cushion than a regular open air chamber. Heads up to big guys: The pad width tapers from 20 inches at the head to 16 inches at the foot.


A thin, metalized layer reflects your body heat back at you, providing slightly more insulation than a traditional air-filled mat. “I slept on this pad down to 12 degrees in Virginia’s Little Wilson Creek Wilderness,” says our warm-sleeping tester. Sleep cold? Upgrade to the PrimaLoft-filled insulated version for 1.5 ounces and $30 dollars more.

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