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NEMO Equipment, Inc. Isopod 100

A tent that is ideal for regions that see plenty of rain and wintry weather year-round.

Brand: NEMO Equipment, Inc.

Model: Isopod 100



28lbs. 5oz.

[foul-weather refuge]

All the tents reviewed here stand up to unruly three-season storms, but few deliver the rough-weather comforts of the Compact Light, which is ideal for regions that see plenty of rain and wintry weather year-round. Because the tent body stays clipped to the fly, this non-freestanding hoop design pitches fast and preserves a dry interior during rainy setups. Loops inside the tent make stringing clotheslines easy, and two pockets (by the door) keep doodads organized during weather delays.

The huge, 28.4-square-foot vestibule holds a trio’s wet gear, and its side-zip entry keeps those items from cluttering access to the single, large front door. The steep walls and high ceiling (41 inches) create a roomy feel, and the 34.4-square-foot floor and 90-inch length let testers of all sizes spread out in comfort. And when storms struck, the Compact Light “never rippled in wind that flattened other nearby tents,” one tester declared after howling storms hit Utah’s Green River. Ventilation is outstanding in breezy conditions, and even damp, chilly nights produced scant condensation. But the integrated fly makes it too warm for hot-weather use, and sand sticks to the siliconized nylon. $549; 7 lbs. 1 oz.;

The Isopod series of tents are the culmination of NEMO’s experience designing for extreme conditions. Isopod, which takes its name from the pill bug, order Isopoda, has a unique pole configuration that has
been wind tunnel tested and computer-optimized to withstand extreme winds, resisting pole breakage by allowing pole flex. The fabrics of Isopod™ are custom designed for this tent series, with additional UV
and abrasion resistance. The removable inner canopy of Isopod is composed largely of our APRI (Air Permeable Reflective Insulation), a metallic fabric that increases interior warmth considerably. A large
snow skirt, or valence, around the perimeter of Isopod can be covered with snow or extra equipment to seal out wind and weather. Over 60 guy-out points and 10 primary ground anchors lock Isopod to the ground. Numerous internally deployable vents and mesh pockets, including specialized radio pockets, ensure livability.