NEMO Equipment Disco 15

Most Comfortable

Brand: NEMO Equipment

Model: Disco 15

Our take Traditional mummy bags save weight, but they can make you feel wrapped up like, well, a mummy. This 650-fill bag features NEMO’s unique spoon fit, which looks more hourglass- than mummy-shaped. Both the shoulder and knee areas are 64 inches around—the shoulder dimensions alone are already more generous than most mummies (the hip narrows to 60 inches). All testers loved the roomy cut, but had varying feedback on warmth. One tester slept fine near the temp rating, but another’s legs were cold while cowboy camping on a 25°F night in Colorado’s San Isabel National Forest. Caveat: All the extra room makes for a bulky packed size (18 by 9 inches).

The details Comfort perks include a 23-by-9-inch neck baffle that can be flipped out to let in fresh air, and a pair of 23-inch, nylon-backed zippers on top of the bag that help regulate temperature more evenly than the usual method of venting the side zip. Bonus: A waterproof treatment on the footbox keeps the down dry if the bag is pressed against a wet tent wall.

Trail cred “The bag contours around my body, allowing me to curl my knees up just like I would at home,” said a tester after a week in New Mexico. “Anything that lets me sleep in the backcountry like I do at home is a no-brainer.”

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