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MSR WindBurner

Best stove for bad weather

Brand: MSR Gear Reviews

Model: WindBurner




All integrated system stoves are decent when it comes to weatherproofing and efficiency, but if those two features are your priority, the WindBurner is tops. We put it through 35-mph winds and sideways rain, and it maintained consistent heat and ignited on demand. Credit the metal wall that protects the heat exchange between the stove’s burner and 1-liter pot. And a pressure regulator helps it perform at full strength even in cold temps or at high elevations—we saw no dropoff on 18°F nights above 11,000 feet. Plus, unlike the Jetboil Flash, the Windburner simmers uncommonly well, and it boasts the best fuel efficiency rating in the test. Bummer: No piezo, and you can’t use non-integrated pots. Boil time for 1 liter of water: 4:00 Fuel efficiency: 10 grams for 1 liter of water