MSR Reactor Stove System

This efficient stove has been one of our favorites for more than a decade.

Brand: MSR Gear Reviews

Model: Reactor Stove System

For simple, small-group meals, the Reactor is the best stove on the market, period, and has been since it debuted in 2007. That’s because it’s faster than the competition—it boils 1 liter of water in 2.5 minutes—and fuel-efficient enough to put those almost-empty canisters back in play. Unlike most other system canister stoves, which use a concentrated flame, the Reactor diffuses heat across the entire 4-inch burner head. (Downside: You can’t see the flame unless it’s dark, so be careful.) And the burner nests into the pot to make it windproof. A pressure regulator keeps performance the same even at temps in the teens or at high altitude. Simmering is possible, but it’s tricky since all this thing wants to do is crank. The burner packs into the 1.7-liter pot with room for an 8-ounce canister (the medium one) and a strainer lid locks it all in place. The result is an easy-packing, fast-boiling, fuel-sipping package that always has a place in our packs. 

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