MPOWERD Luci Explore

Best lantern

Brand: Mpowered

Model: Luci Explore




Light, speaker, alarm clock: The Luci Explore packs a grab bag of features into one durable package. In campsites where we couldn’t or didn’t want to build a fire, we gathered around the Explore instead. With 18 LEDs (12 white, six color-changing) that put out up to 220 lumens, it let us customize our mood lighting—and queue up mood music—during a post-dinner happy hour in Utah’s Arch Canyon. “The built-in Bluetooth speaker sounds surprisingly full­—with good bass and mids—compared to other small speakers,” one editor reports. We especially enjoyed one unique feature: The Luci Explore’s simulated sunrise alarm gradually transitions from red to white light and plays birdsong. IPX4 waterproofing is burly enough to stand up to rain or splashing water, but not a full dunk. Bonus: “At night, I used the USB power output on the 3,000mAh battery to top off my phone” says our tester. “And during the day, I used the built-in solar panel to trickle charge the lantern while we hiked. It was a quarter done after about 7 hours in full sunlight.”

$75; 9 oz.