mountainFLOW Skin Wax

Eco-friendly wax

Brand: MountainFLOW

Model: Skin Wax

Our take Banish gloppy snow with this formula from the mountain gods (OK, just a passionate skier from Aspen). This water-based spray keeps climbing skins dry, preventing snow clumping underneath (the bane of spring tours). But unlike a normal skin wax, which matts the fibers of the skin together, it coats fibers individually so they stay separated and grippy on slick, uphill pushes.

The details Skin Wax is non-toxic, so it won’t leave junk behind in the snow and watersheds. Note: You cannot apply Skin Wax in the field because it needs a few hours to dry, so spray it on your skins (when they’re on your skis) the night before you tour.

Trail cred “I applied Skin Wax to three-year-old skins a day before a long spring tour in Banff, and I was the only one who never had any issues with clumping,” one tester says. “I also never needed to reapply.” $14

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