Mountain Standard Power On Protein Pancakes

Muscle cakes

Brand: Mountain Standard

Model: Power On Protein Pancakes




Our take Everyone loves pancakes in the morning, but with high levels of refined carbs, they’re a recipe for a mid-morning crash and don’t do much to repair stressed muscle tissue. Here’s a better recipe: Packed with 22 grams of plant-based protein from quinoa and hemp seeds per 4.5-ounce serving, these Mountain Standard blueberry-studded cakes have a hearty flavor courtesy of whole wheat and whole-grain spelt flour, but didn’t sit in our stomachs like a lead weight. “They were fluffy like normal pancakes and didn’t have that ‘protein bar’ taste to them,” reports one tester. Preparation is a breeze: Simply add 1 cup of water to the pouch, stir, and cook.