Mother's Day Gift Guide: Dahlgren Hiking Socks

Plushly padded socks for all-day comfort

Dahlgren makes socks, and nothing else. Not jackets and gloves and hats, just socks. When a company has such laser-like focus, it’s a pretty solid bet that they’ll nail it, and Dahlgren does. Our testers love the medium-weight Hiking Socks which are a combination of merino and alpaca wool and recycled synthetic fibers. But they’re not just mashed up into a sock casserole; each type of fiber is strategically placed for maximum function and comfort. What looks like decorative patterns all over the sock are actually high-tech puzzles of fabric, thoroughly thought-out science in action.

Thick zones of wool in the heel and forefoot absorb impact, and then wicking rings and channels act like a conveyor belt to carry moisture to the synthetic evaporation zone on top of your foot and outside our boot. Our testers have relied on these socks through high snowy peaks and hot sweaty valleys, and the natural odor-fighting properties of wool help these socks come out fresh (or at least not funky) on the other side. $18; 3 oz.; w’s S-M, m’s L-XL;