3-Season Sleeping Bags Reviews

MontBell Burrow Bag #0

Get maximum comfort in this mummy—no matter how much you toss and turn.

Brand: MontBell

Model: Burrow Bag #0

Overall Rating: 3.5




STRETCH The Burrow draws on the same sophisticated needlecraft that earned its cousin, the Down Hugger 900 #2, our Editors’ Choice Award last spring. The combo of on-the-bias stitching (diagonal seams takes advantage of the fabric’s natural stretch) and gathered quilting means the bag can stretch to a total of 75 inches in the shoulders and 62 in the knees. “I could sit up cross-legged with the bag fully zipped,” says our 5’10” tester.

WARMTH MontBell’s proprietary short-staple Exceloft fill kept most testers warm down to the 0°F rating. “I slept comfortably in only lightweight baselayers with single-digit temps,” states our tester after a spring trip to Denali. The stretch design pulls the bag close, reducing dead air and cold spots. Note: Testers under 5’7” had trouble warming the footbox, even with extra clothes in the bottom of the bag to reduce dead spots.

DETAILS The hood’s dual drawcords allow for fine-tuning. “I’d pull the lower cord as tight as possible to create a pocket of warm air, but then I’d leave the top loose to keep from feeling too claustrophobic,” says one editor.
$215; 5 lbs.; 0°F; montbell.us
By adopting a classic tailor’s trick and paring it with high grade materials MontBell has brought extreme comfort and thermal efficiency to the light weight backcountry enthusiast. We found that integrating a woven fabric “cut on the bias” and orienting the fabric’s warp and weft threads at 45 degrees to most major seam lines the sleeping bag becomes more fluid in nature. To create an even more comfortable system we utilize an elasticized thread in the stitch to create small “gathers” in the quilting. Through the combination of strategic seam orientation and the stretch provided by gathered quilting we offer unrivaled fit and comfort. These innovations allow the sleeping bag to move with you as you change positions throughout the night, drawing the hydro-phobic insulation closer to your body and eliminating drafty dead spaces. Keep body heat inside your sleeping bag, where it belongs.