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Matek Serval Squared Sports Bra 2.0

The best fiddle-free bra of 2021.




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No woman likes to constantly retighten her bra straps on the trail, and the Serval Squared helps solve that problem. Its standout features are pliable plastic sliders located at the front of the straps, rather than out of reach at the back like most sports bras. They don’t shift annoyingly as we move or cut into our shoulders under weighted backpack straps, and they unclip for easy changing in a tent or sleeping bag. Plus, the mix of nylon/Lycra and nylon/spandex fabrics almost never wets out and is adequately tight across the chest, which we appreciated on a hot and swift hike in Colorado’s Big Dominguez Canyon. Bummer: We would’ve liked more give in the elastic band around the ribs.

w’s XS-XL