3-Season Sleeping Bags Reviews

Marmot Yolla Bolly 30

Most comfortable sleeping bag

Brand: Marmot Gear Reviews

Model: Yolla Bolly 30



2lbs. 5oz.

Some campers go for the thinnest, tightest bag they can and accept the comfort tradeoff. But that’s not you. You want armfuls of insulation, plenty of space to move around, and reliable warmth. The semi-rectangular Yolla Bolly is the sack for you, with an extra down-filled blanket stitched inside the bag to grab onto. “With two bag layers on top of me, I slept warm at 22°F over a long weekend on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, which is remarkable given how roomy the bag is,” says our tester. Unfurl the snag-free, wraparound zip to create a flat, 91-inch-wide quilt, which is large enough to share around a campfire. On warm nights, open the zipper all the way and use the quilt like a sheet. A low-profile silicone tread keeps the Yolla Bolly from sliding around. Nitpick: The hood doesn’t cinch tightly.

$275; 2 lbs. 5oz.; 30°F; short, regular, long