2-Person Tent Reviews

L.L. Bean Microlight FS 2 Tent

With lightweight materials and short, 15.5 inch pole sections, the Microlight is the ounce-counters choice.

Brand: L.L. Bean

Model: Microlight FS 2 Tent

Overall Rating: 4



3lbs. 13oz.


4.6 “We experienced constant 20- to 30-mph winds in Arizona’s Superstition Wilderness and the Microlight easily withstood the beating,” says one tester. Credit the aerodynamic, low-profile wedge shape (the others in this test are domes).


3.6 The Microlight sacrifices space to achieve the lowest weight in the test: Walls slope inward to the 36-inch peak, inhibiting sit-up room inside the 30.5-square-foot tent. “I was more than happy to give up some space to get such a tiny packed size and weight,” says one tester.


3.0 On a warm and clear night in California’s Desolation Wilderness, one tester appreciated the full mesh canopy for stargazing. “However, with no vents in the fly, condensation was quick to build up with everything zipped tight,” she says.


3.5 Bean opted for a nylon fly (nylon is stronger than poly), so they could get away with weight-saving 30-denier fabric. It fared well in abrasion (as well as field) testing. But the canopy’s loose-weave, 20-denier mesh succumbed with a number of small holes.

Overall Score


$239; 3 lbs. 13 oz.; footprint sold separatley ($25, 8 oz.) llbean.com

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