Knog Bandicoot Headlight

Set it and forget it with this mono-chassis headlamp.

Brand: Knog

Model: Bandicoot Headlamp




Our take Rain or shine, this 1.6-ounce waterproof headlight has enough juice for a few nights of play before needing a USB recharge. The silicone strapping system reduces bulk and weight with one continuous and durable headband, adjustable for a snug fit similar to swim goggles (and just as waterproof). With eight modes of lighting—including a spotlight, wide beam and downlights for reading—the minimalist piece of tech requires no adjusting of any hinges, merely a button press to the desired setting. Bonus: You can even plug into a computer at home and use the app to program the button pressing to match the modes you use the most.

Trail cred “The red LED light’s visor-like beam lit my path 3 to 5 feet ahead as I entered the Balconies Cave Loop in Pinnacles National Park,” says our tester. “When I moved onto Bear Gulch Cave and found myself in pitch black darkness, I appreciated the full spotlight of 100 lumens to guide me over and under the series of rocks.”