Klymit KSB 0 Oversized

Roomiest bag

Brand: Klymit

Model: KSB 0 Oversized

Our take 

For those of us who refuse to be constrained by mummies, or who are just too big for most bags, the Oversized is the solution. It’s some 30 percent larger than average, with 80.5-inch shoulder and 70-inch hip dimensions. “This is one of the few bags where I don’t feel like I’m stuck in the middle seat on a budget airline,” says one 6’1”, 210-pound tester. Stretch stitching in the six baffles also enhances roll-around comfort. The bag kept us toasty on early-spring trips in Yosemite, when temps fluctuated between 10°F and 40°F. (We never saw 0°F, but testers felt it would be warm enough.) Credit the full-length zipper for allowing us to easily dump heat.

The details 

Toggles at the base shorten the length down to 5’3”, making it suitable for a range of heights. Given this bag’s size, there is a packability penalty: The 650-fill goose down only compresses to the size of a basketball.

Trail cred 

“Despite all the space, the bag was snug enough around the footbox to keep my toes warm,” our tester says.


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