KEEN Terradora

Women’s dayhiker

Brand: KEEN Inc

Model: Terradora



1lbs. 10oz.

Our female testers praised the fit of these boots, which allows for splay and swell in the forefoot without compromising comfort in the heel. “I wore them straight out of the box for a 10-mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park without so much as a hot spot due to the snug fit,” one says, “but my toes still had room to breathe.” A well-placed cushion at the back cups the Achilles tendon and minimizes slippage, which helped her navigate the tricky terrain of Arches National Park. “The Terradoras stayed comfy in unstable sand, and never chafed my heel by moving up and down,” she says. While the outsole adheres well to slickrock, the shallow tread doesn’t provide much traction in mud.