Julbo Venturi Sunglasses

These photochromatic lenses adapt to anything, making them our favorite lenses of 2015.

Brand: Julbo

Model: Venturi

Why we like It

These photochromatic lenses adapt to anything.

Lens tech

Julbo’s Zebra lens transforms from a golden-clear (42 percent light transmission) to a dark copper (7 percent) in just 28 seconds. The former is great for low-light days, while the latter is exceptional in bright conditions. “They protect my eyes from the bright morning sun, but as soon as the thunderheads roll in, they adjust.” Gravy: effective anti-fog coating.


Not only do the lenses change tint, but they’re bulletproof. Really: Julbo uses NXT, a material also used to make helicopter windshields and motorcycle helmet visors, so needless to say, they’re durable. “Sit on them, stow them in the bottom of your pack, drop them off a granite crag, they’re bomber,” one tester says.


Designed with trail runners in mind, grip is supreme. 

$180; 1.1 oz.; julbousa.com

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