Editors' Choice

Jones Solution

A classic just got better.

Brand: Jones

Model: Solution



6lbs. 14oz.

Float Jeremy Jones knew the snow-plow effect of dramatic rise in the nose was slowing riders down in deep snow. The Jones Solution’s new blunted tip and tail are shorter and wider with less rise, creating longer contact points that noticeably enhanced the board’s float. “It looks flat as a butter knife and I was worried the nose would sink,” our tester says, “but it turns out you don’t need much rise to plane above snow.”

Connection To upgrade the rattling connection clips of yesteryear, Jones got exclusive use of Karakoram’s new low-profile UltraClips, which lock down tight and don’t flop around while touring. The Bolt-less bridge technology raises the wood core underneath these connection points, eliminating countersunk rivets on the base (less drag) and providing an increase in torsional stiffness.

Materials Jones crafts its topsheets with castor bean plastic, a chip-resistant, eco-friendly material that shed sticky snow better than any other board. m’s 154, 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 164, 165, 166, 169W, w’s 148, 152, 156