Jaybird X2

Bluetooth earbuds

Brand: Jaybird

Model: X2

No matter how hard we charged or how sweaty we got, these earphones felt glued in. “They stayed put even on overhung boulder problems—and when I was galloping back to the car,” one tester says. The X2s have three different size options for the silicone and memory-type foam ear pieces, which dial in a snug fit. The sweatproof coating not only prevents slippage, it also prolongs the earbuds’ lifespan (hopefully long enough to justify the price). Like fit and durability, the sound quality didn’t disappoint. “No scratchy or airy noise—sounds like I’m at a recording studio,” one audiophile says. Although it’s hard to mess up sound when the bud is embedded so deeply in your ear, Jaybird offers additional ear pieces ($17) that block out all external noise. jaybirdsport.com

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