Injinji Hiker + Liner

Best blister prevention

Brand: Injinji

Model: Hiker+Liner




Our take If you’re prone to blisters, you’ve probably tried sock liners to reduce hot spot-inducing friction. Injinji takes that stategy to the next level with individual toe compartments in its liner. Paired with the separate (but sold together) merino/acrylic Hiker, which is slightly more spacious than average, the Liner kept even tender-footed testers blister-free. The midweight Hiker kept our feet warm on hikes in the teens, and the polyester Liner, made with grooved threads meant to speed wicking, meant dry feet during warmer excursions. The combo never bunched up or created rubbing points, but it might be a bit too bulky for narrow boots.

Trail cred “When we hit a stretch of snow-free trail on a late-spring backpack around Mt. St. Helens, I took off the Hiker and wore just the surprisingly durable Liner as a warm-weather sock,” our tester says.

$27; 4.3 oz. (m’s M); m’s XS-L, w’s S-XL