Hydro Flask Trail Series Ultralight Titanium Standard Mouth Bottle

Lightest bottle

Brand: Hydro Flask

Model: Trail Series Ultralight Titanium Standard Mouth Bottle

Gulping down ice-cold water miles from camp used to be a luxury reserved for those willing to tote heavy insulated vessels. Well, pull out your pocketbook, because that’s about to change. Hydro Flask’s double-walled titanium bottle takes insulation down a few weight classes—and up a few price points. Our testers packed this 7.8-ounce double-wall bottle—it holds 21 ounces of liquid, and is 35 percent lighter than comparable steel vessels—on a week-long trip to Zion National Park and enjoyed cold, refreshing sips hours after filling up on 85°F days. When the frost came, they enjoyed hot drinks that stayed warm through the night. Hydro Flask achieves the bottle’s impressive weight by using titanium instead of more common steel or aluminum, and employing minimal plastic and silicone in the design. $100; 7.8 oz.

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