Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Highland Park 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Campfire boozing just got a whole lot more sophisticated.

I understand that not everyone loves scotch as much as Ron Burgandy, but that’s probably because not everyone has tried Highland Park’s Single Malt. Winter is well known for its long evenings, and you can significantly increase your stargazing enjoyment by passing around a well-heeled drink that everyone can enjoy. This particular scotch was popular among testers because of its surprisingly pleasant nose, which is described by Highland Park as having a “heather-honey sweetness and peaty smokiness.” One of our more doubtful testers, despite publicly deploring scotch at first, said she loved the scent and was thrilled that “it didn’t incinerate my nostrils upon first waft.” Considering she was the first to ask for seconds, it’s safe to we have a convert.

The Specs

Cost: About $40 for 750 ML (Also available in liquor stores, like BevMo!)

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