Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Ex Officio Women's Give-N-Go Lacy Tank Top

Bringing sexy-cute to a hiker babe near you!

We female types have to give up a certain amount of girliness during outdoor pursuits. Function trumps femininity, and clothing designers seem to be so focused on performance that style gets left out in the cold. I received this wide strap tank top a couple of months ago and have being wearing it constantly. The cut’s great—I’m a fairly busty XL—and this top, part camisole, part tank, provides enough coverage that I can peel down in mixed company with no risk of wardrobe malfunction.

It’s a perfect “base base layer” under a t-shirt, adding a touch of warmth to your core without adding much bulk. On an August trip to Idaho’s Bighorn Crags, it was THE must-have item for sleeping when it wasn’t quite cool enough for long sleeves. The fabric is a nylon/spandex blend with enough stretch to hold its shape, but not enough to bind, chafe, or spend hours drying. Antimicrobial treatment means all I need to do in camp is give it a quick rinse in a stream and it’s dry and fresh in a jif.

The lace is a lovely touch, though I was concerned it would get gnarly from repeated meetings with zips and Velcro. But, this has not been a problem, despite my savage use of closures. Bonus: Matching briefs are available in a number of styles.

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