Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

The Ultras fill the void between technical crampons and simple, dog-walking spikes, making them ideal for low-angle snowfields and variable mountain conditions.

Brand: Hillsound

Model: Trail Crampon Ultra




Versatility Easy on, easy off, thanks to a rubber harness that offers a surprising amount of stability on the ascent and the descent. A Velcro strap over the top of the foot dials in a snug fit for added precision without adding any time to the transition. Eighteen stainless steel points gave testers sufficient purchase on hard snow and ice throughout the Rockies and the Northeast. Plus, they slip easily over any approach shoe, trail runner, or sneaker, so no need for big, heavy mountain boots on less technical summits.

Weight At less than 15 ounces per pair, they’re light (serious mountaineering crampons are almost double that), so you can always carry them when conditions and terrain are questionable. Plus, without a rigid, structure-giving middle bar that technical alpine spikes have, these pack down easily and fit inside your pack.

$70; 14.8 ounces (per pair); hillsound.com