Hillsound BTR Stool

Featherweight furniture

Brand: Hillsound

Model: BTR Stool




Say goodbye to uncomfortable stumps: This stool’s minimal weight means that carrying something to sit on is no longer a question of light vs. luxe. The BTR is the lightest backpacking stool we’ve used—it shaves about 4 ounces from the nearest competitor—yet stays stable on uneven ground (and it’s rated to hold 240 pounds). Setup is as simple as twisting out its three legs, and the locking mechanism is rock-solid—we never had an issue with accidental folding during a summer of sitting around campfires across the Rockies. The BTR Stool packs up to the size of a box of Saltines, and fits in a pack’s water bottle pocket.

$55; 12.6 oz. (14 inch)