Editors' Choice

Editors' Choice Snow 2017: AlpineAire Classic Guacamole

Upgrade every meal with this ultralight and ultratasty guac.

Brand: AlpineAire

Model: Classic Guacamole




Going gourmet and going light shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. And though some of us would willingly pack in a half dozen avocados in our purist pursuit of the real thing, we’d rather carry AlpineAire’s Classic Guacamole. In camp after a long day in the Weminuche, we were able to rehydrate the freeze-dried mix in seconds with just a splash of cold water and a quick stir. It was rich and balanced enough to put the finishing touch on burritos, and light enough to throw in a daypack to add 17 grams of fat, 150 calories, and a creamy kick to salami wraps during a summit bid. 

“I usually lose my appetite when I’m working hard at altitude,” says one tester. “But you soon realize that’s impossible with this stuff around.” Thinking we might have a wilderness hunger bias, we also mixed some up at the office and saw it disappear just as fast as it did on the mountain. At $9 per package, it’s a little pricey, but that’s the cost for a combination of taste, texture, and spice that’s hard to find in any instant dip, let alone one that’s supposed to resemble a fresh vegetable.