GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist HS

Efficient kitchen set

Brand: GSI Outdoors

Model: Pinnacle Dualist HS

We’ve long appreciated the all-in-one Dualist as a deluxe—yet lightweight—backcountry kitchen set for two. Now, a new upgrade makes it even better: The 1.8-liter nonstick pot has a new heatsink. A perforated metal ring around the bottom of the pot distributes heat more evenly and gets things cooking quicker. We found that it boiled water faster than similar pots we tested, even we when posted up at cold, windy campsites in Colorado’s Gore Range. “The heatsink kept our stove flame from going out in 20-mph winds while we camped at 10,000 feet,” one tester says. The Dualist comes with the pot, strainer lid, a mess kit for two, and (bonus!) a waterproof sack that can double as a sink or dog dish. Everything nests inside the 1.8-liter pot for easy packing. $85; 1 lb. 7 oz. (full set)

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