Gregory 3D Hydro

Easy-clean hydration

Brand: Gregory Mountain Products Gear Reviews

Model: 3D Hydro

Our take Anyone who’s owned a hydration bladder knows how nasty they get. And they also know why: Reservoirs are hard to clean and hard to dry. Gregory’s new 3D Hydro—the brand’s first foray into hydration—attacks both problems at once. Like some others we’ve seen, the wide mouth fits a dish brush for easy cleaning. Unlike others, self-supporting baffles keep the sides from sticking together, letting air circulate down there and discouraging bacteria growth. Other details are dialed: A folding hook let us hang the bag upside down so it could drain; the bite valve locks closed for leak-free travel to and from the trail; and a magnet keeps it in place on your sternum strap once you’re on the move. It never popped off during a bumpy bikepacking trip in North Dakota. The reservoir is available in 2- and 3-liter sizes.

Trail cred “I no longer have to blast my reservoir with a hair dryer to get it completely dry before storing,” says our tester.

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