Greenbelly Meal


Brand: Greenbelly

Model: Meal




Meal bars make a great on-the-go lunch option or supplement for high-mileage days. Each pouch contains two bars that together provide a whopping 645 calories with a balanced mix of carbs, protein, sodium, fats, and fiber. “The bars gave me enough energy between meals to get me through 30-plus- mile days,” says one PCT thru-hiker.

Made from a base of dried fruit, brown crisped rice, oats, and nuts or seeds, depending on the flavor, one tester likened them to a “souped-up Rice Krispies Treat.” We found them a bit dry, so be sure to have a water chaser on hand. Three flavors: Dark Chocolate Banana (our favorite), Peanut Apricot, and Cranberry Almond.