Grand Trunk OneMade Double Trunktech Hammock

Lightweight double

Brand: Grand Trunk

Model: OneMade Double Trunktech Hammock

Our take Most double-wide hammocks are too bulky for the backcountry. At less than a pound the Trunktech is lighter than many single hammocks and packs down to the size of a Nalgene. The 78-inch width and 126-inch length easily accommodate two adults, and our husband-and-wife testers regularly climbed in together to read in camp. The Trunktech’s size-to-weight ratio also makes it a good option for larger hikers that feel constricted when sleeping in a single hammock.

Features “The fabric is softer than my sheets at home,” one of our testers says of Grand Trunk’s proprietary ripstop nylon. The material is also sturdy enough to endure puppy claws without su ering a single scratch. 

Trail cred “It takes up so little space in my pack I brought it everywhere, even if I was sleeping in a tent,” says our New York tester.

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