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Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel

The best sleek solar panel of 2021.



2lbs. 4oz.

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Need even more juice than a powerbank can provide? The Nomad 20 will charge your devices while standing up to whatever abuse the backcountry throws at it. “I brought this panel on a trip in Wyoming’s notoriously rocky Wind River Range for a five-day trip,” one tester says. “I left it outside the tent through single-digit temps and snow, and it kept on charging my powerbank through all of it.” The Nomad maxes its output at 20 watts and will charge a smartphone in about two hours with full sun. (The included 8-millimeter cable produces up to 20 watts, and the USB port puts out 10.5 watts.) Bonus: You can attach the solar panel to your pack for on-the-go power production using two attached loops, as well as chain multiple panels together for increased output.