Giro Range Helmet

It’s the best-fitting helmet ever.

Brand: Giro

Model: Range Helmet



1lbs. 2oz.

When it comes to helmets, fit is king. When it’s wrong, it can distract you, or worse, cause you to skip wearing the helmet altogether. Until now, helmet designs looked like this: an adjustable inner cradle attached to a static shell. The Range works differently: It’s the first-ever snow sports helmet with an adjustable shell, so fit is better than ever. The two-piece outer overlaps in the back, giving you almost 2 inches of play when you turn the dial at the base of the neck to expand or contract the circumference. “Instead of just sitting on top of your head, the Range feels like it’s cradling the base of your skull,” one tester says. This more customized fit not only feels better, but can help keep you safer in the event of a crash, when a wiggly helmet won’t do you any favors. Luckily, we did not test that theory, but we can confirm the comfort: Interior padding is plush. And the lower profile means it fits better under a wider range of jacket hoods.