Skinners Footwear

Minimalist camp shoe

Brand: Skinners

Model: Camp Shoe

OUR TAKE Only the most zealous ultra-lighter forgoes camp shoes altogether. For the rest of us, here’s the next best thing: camp socks. Skinners have a plastic polymer coating on the sole and not much else; they weigh only 6 ounces and fit anywhere in your pack. “It’s like going barefoot, but warmer and with underfoot protection against (minor) sticks and pebbles,” one tester says. In the field, they proved perfect for routine duties, like setting up camp or fetching water. Downsides: The synthetic-and- cotton sock has no water resistance, and unlike sturdier camp shoes, these can’t be pressed into hiking service.

TRAIL CRED “I wore them alone from my home in Colorado to the trailhead in Spain, through three airports and one 24-hour flight delay, and loved the ease and comfort they bring to long travel days,” our tester says.

Sizes: (M); XS-XXL 

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